Antichome is a leading online marketplace for antiques and vintage items. Since 2019, we have captured the magic of ancient societies' flea markets, connecting those seeking the most beautiful things on earth with highly coveted sellers and makers in vintage, antique, and contemporary furniture, home décor, art, jewelry, watches, and fashion at an affordable price.

The idea of creating this shop was mainly to make the process of online shopping easy and simple, giving the customer all the tools, they need to make a successful and safe purchase, free of any complications. Antichome mainly targets the Middle East, America, Australia, and Europe, in addition to other markets.


Antiques and collectibles connect you to every age, regardless of when you were born. Even millennials might find items in antique shops that bring back memories of their youth. We might find artifacts that recall us of our childhood or that first school dance in any thrift store or vintage shop. It's impossible to escape it in any store. It's also entertaining to come across items that could have been yours (or your parents') but that you had forgotten about.


Another nice aspect of antiquing is discovering items that are unfamiliar to you. You never know what you'll learn about the world when you come across vintage tools or fashion accessories you never knew existed. Knowing that button-up boots exist is one thing; seeing a button hook in person to understand how it works is another.

The Smell

When you've been antique shopping for decades, the smell of a flea market or antique store conjures up recollections of finding hidden treasure. For many people, the fragrance of ancient objects is soothing. The cycle of going out in search of old and antique objects that smell like everything imaginable is reinforced every time, and no antique lover would intentionally break it. People who enjoy the smell of books frequent used bookstores.


It's a lot of fun to see how much things cost. Based on the prices in a store, you can estimate how much something you own is worth. While anyone can ask any price for an item, these in-store prices can help you determine if something is currently in demand.

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