Riveting Antique And Vintage Jewelry From Vegas

Riveting Antique And Vintage Jewelry From Vegas

The Las Vegas Antique and Watch Show was recently held during Jewelry Week at the same time as the contemporary Couture and JCK during the 2nd week of June. TEFAF Maasstricht will be held from June 25-30th and Masterpiece will begin on June 30th and run through July 6th in London. Instagram is filling my feed with mesmerizing photos of jewels from the past. At the same time dealers and stores who have websites have been posting some museum-quality new finds, all culminating in an irresistible mix of antique and vintage pieces that are enticing attractions for both starter and consummate collectors.

Here are some of the best antique and vintage jewelry from the Georgian period through the 1970s that not only caught my attention but captivated me with their exceptional workmanship, sublime details and/or enchanting meanings.

The Earrings

A La Vieille Russie antique diamond lozenge-shaped pendant earrings with cabochon sapphire tops and articulated cabochon sapphire drops. Lacloche Frères, Paris, circa 1915.

The Pendants and Necklaces

Metier Paris’ draw-dropping locket of a larget garnet inlaid with pink sapphires emeralds and rose-cut diamond to form a pansy (pensee in French for think) and in Victorian times when this was made for think of the giver. Polished crystal is the back of the locket in 18K gold). Approximately circa 1840.

The Bracelets

Fred Leighton’s stack of bracelets starts with a Victorian snake bracelet and modern antique-inspired bracelets signed by Fred Leighton below.

The Brooches

Simon Teakle’s Georgin mine cut diamond floral brooch set into silver-topped gold can be worn in numerous ways—in a cluster with other brooches, in the hair, on its own, on the side of a sweater or dress or the pocket of a jacket.



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