lessons i taught from antiques industry

lessons i taught from antiques industry

The antique and vintage industry has taught me certain lessons I never anticipated needing to learn. When the time was necessary, I re-learned these lessons once again. These are lessons applicable to all aspects of our lives – not just working in the antique and vintage industry. 🥰

1. We can love a few things (or people) with all of our hearts, but not many. 😌

We can have thousands of digital friends but we can only comfortably hold 150 healthy relationships in a social group at any given time. It has to do with brain space – beyond 150 relationships, and we're just stretching our memories too thin.

2.) Abundance is a mindset …🧐

 Dreams do come true, and everyone can be as rich as they want to be. But once you have a treasure, you'll want another one. And another one. And yet another one. Abundance, therefore, is not about physical possessions because you're never going to have enough when you're a treasure hunter. It's a mindset. Abundance is rather right here, right now without future foretelling things will be better in time.

3.) You can’t control the path …😟

 The path of finding vintage is totally out of our control. We can try to create it using trips to thrift stores, appointments at estate sales, and visits to the closets of little old ladies, but we don’t know what we’ll find once we get to these places.

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