How to Store Wood Furniture and Lumber for Woodworking?

How to Store Wood Furniture and Lumber for Woodworking?

Storing wood is a smart idea because you can use it later. But you have to be careful how you store it, or it will go bad. Stacking lumber the right way and keeping wood furniture elevated are a couple of ways to increase the life of your wood. 

Storing Lumber for Woodworking

If you're new to woodworking, you might not know that storing lumber incorrectly can make the boards bend and warp. Sometimes this wood can be fixed by squaring it off, but this takes a lot more time and work. In the worst case, this wood can be damaged so badly that it can't be repaired.

Here are a few things to remember when you're storing scrap wood in your basement, garage or storage unit:


  1. Store Unseasoned Wood Outdoors 

If you're drying lumber, make sure it’s kept away from other dried and seasoned wood. The moisture from the lumber can get into the air and cause your basement or garage to become too humid. Stacking the lumber off the ground can make it take longer for it to dry. Ideally, keep the lumber inside where it will be shielded from rain and out of direct sunlight.

       2. Keep Kiln-Dried Lumber Indoors

You should keep kiln-dried lumber or wood indoors whenever possible. Ideally, keep this type of wood in your workshop. If not, a garage, shed or storage unit will work. Try to keep moisture out of these areas, so the moisture content of the wood does not rise.

       3. Support Boards Every 16 to 18 Inches

When you stack wood horizontally, you need to put brackets under it every 16 to 18 inches. This will keep the boards from bowing.

      4. Don't stack too much Lumber on one shelf

The lumber needs to have room to breathe so it doesn't suffocate and become damaged. Too much weight from stacking the lumber on top of each other can cause the wood to bend in ways that we don't want it to.

     5. If Storing Lumber Vertically, Make Sure It’s Supported and Elevated

If the wood is completely dry, you can save space by storing it vertically. Otherwise, keep the wood horizontal until it dries out. For dried wood, storing vertically is recommended if you can keep it from bowing by supporting it at the top and bottom. Also, try to keep the wood off the ground to avoid water damage.

How to Store Wood Furniture in Steps

Wood furniture needs to be stored in a similar way as lumber, but this can be difficult because furniture is usually larger and more delicate than lumber. For example, you would have to figure out how to keep a bookshelf from touching the ground. Also, damage is harder to fix on wood furniture because it is usually already sanded and

To store wood furniture the best way, follow these simple tips:

 1. Prevent Wood Furniture from Cracking & Splitting

Environmental changes can make wood furniture more likely to crack and split. You can prevent this by applying a coat of wax or furniture polish on all of the wooden surfaces a couple of weeks before you put your wood furniture into storage.

 2. Empty Out the Furniture Entirely

You should not keep anything inside drawers or cabinets when storing wood furniture. This is because you might forget about the furniture’s contents and some items could cause damage if they are not removed. For example, a forgotten pen could leak and cause damage that cannot be fixed.

 3. Avoid Suffocating the Wood

When you have wooden furniture, you should use breathable fabrics like white cotton sheets to protect it. This will keep dust and debris from getting into the cracks of the furniture.

4. Choose Climate Controlled Storage If Possible

It is best to store wooden furniture in a space with a controlled climate. If there is not enough humidity, the wood can crack. If there is too much humidity, the wood can warp and change shape.

5. Keep Wood Furniture Elevated

If you have wooden furniture that you want to protect, you should raise it up off the ground. One way to do this is to set your furniture on top of wooden pallets or cinder blocks. That way, if there is ever a flood or water leak in your storage unit, your furniture will be safe.




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