How to store vinyl collection safely ?

How to store vinyl collection safely ?

For many years to come, vinyl records will remain a treasure for you and your family. Music from the past is often passed down from generation to generation.

Vinyl collectors, however, understand the importance of preserving their records. They are very fragile and can easily be damaged, so they should be treated with care. Scuffed, scuffed, or bent records can cause skips in the music - or worse, won't play at all!

Here are some tips on how to properly store vinyl records to preserve and protect them, no matter their age or condition.

1. Remember to clean your records before putting them in their jackets.

Firstly, don't clean your records with your t-shirt! It doesn't matter how soft or clean you think your shirt is, the fibers and dirt will definitely scratch your record. Make sure you have the right tools for the job.

You probably have a record cleaning brush if you collect records. You can purchase one online or at local music stores if you don't have one. The brushes are a quick and easy way to remove dust and dirt. Holding the brush on the record and spinning it slowly is all you have to do.

2. Always store records in their album jacketes .

According to most vinyl experts, a record should only be played out of its jacket. Whenever you are done listening to a record, put it away. When you leave records on the turntable for longer than necessary, dust and dirt accumulate on them, affecting their sound quality.

3. Store your vinyl collection in an upright position.

To keep vinyl records in good condition, they must be stored upright.  When records are stored at a slant for an extended period of time, the uneven pressure can cause them to warp. Records are often stored in crates that allow them to be positioned upright because of this. Your records will stay upright with little or no slanting when you use crate dividers.

4. Never store records stacked on top of one another.

 It is possible to permanently damage your records by stacking them, whether they are in their jackets or not. The weight will lead to warping of the vinyl and even possible cracking or scuff marks. You’re also putting the album jacket artwork at risk when you stack records in storage.

5. And make sure you're playing your records properly.

When you go to pick up your record, make sure you do not touch the surface – only the very edge! By touching the surface of the record, you are inadvertently transferring oils from your fingers to the vinyl, and over time, this can greatly affect the quality of the record.


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