How to sell antiques and collectibles?

How to sell antiques and collectibles?


The location where you sell antiques is determined by the quantity and type of antiques you own. Some people have dozens of items to trade in, while others only have one item to trade in for top dollar. In general, you have two choices: sell antiques online or find a way to get rid of the item locally.

Your choice of where to sell antiques will determine how much money you receive (whether that be a wholesale or retail value). So, first, figure out how much your antique or collectible is worth. Next, decide whether you want less money now or are willing to wait a little longer for a higher price. Finally, look into different ways to resell antiques and collectibles.

How to Sell Antiques Online

The internet has altered the way antiques and collectibles are sold. For example, it is easier to determine the value of an item, making it easier to sell an antique without the need for an expensive appraisal. You can even get paid antique appraisals online.

Because you have more buyers on the internet, you should be able to get more money. The disadvantage of selling antiques online is that the money may not be available right away, and there is a slight learning curve. The following are the best ways to sell antiques and collectibles online:


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For over two decades, selling antiques on eBay has been one of the most popular ways for dealers to get their collections in front of thousands of people. However, you do not need to be a business to benefit from this website.

Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane is arguably the most popular antiques market in the city. Though many dealers succeed on Ruby Lane, the site is highly curated, and getting accepted to sell here is more difficult than on Etsy.


Though Etsy started as a marketplace for handmade items, it branched off to include vintage and antique items.

Online Antiques Dealers

If you have a unique item to sell, it may be worthwhile to contact some well-known antique dealers via the internet. Check out their website or shop policies to see what they have to say about purchasing wholesale from the general public. You will only receive wholesale pricing, but you will save time and listing fees in exchange for an immediate sale.

Build a Website

Consider building a website if antiquing has become more of a business than a hobby. Selling on a domain you own is wise if you have already built up a following on social media and other marketplaces like eBay or Etsy.

How to Sell Antiques Near You

 Some antiques are much easier to sell in person, particularly if you are unsure of what you own. And, believe it or not, there are even more options for having your items evaluated and sold locally. These are the best local methods for selling antiques and collectibles:

Consignment Shops

A consignment shop differs from a traditional antique shop in that all of the items inside are for sale on consignment. You agree on a price, and the shop owner places it for sale in their store. When the item sells, you are paid.

Directly to a Dealer

Antique dealers who do not accept consignment prefer to purchase items outright. If you walk into an antique shop with an item for sale, the owner will almost certainly offer a wholesale price if they are interested. They may even refer you to another dealer who is interested in purchasing the item in question.

Newspaper Listing

Put an ad in your local newspaper to sell your antiques and collectibles the old-fashioned way. Most publishers provide free or low-cost listings that target an older audience.


Craigslist sells on the internet, but it is one of the most popular local and free listing sites. Be cautious if you list anything too expensive on Craigslist. You might consider listing such items on eBay instead, where buyers and sellers are better protected.

Flea Markets

Consider renting a booth at a local flea market if you have a lot of lower-end collectibles to sell. Of course, you can sell almost anything at a flea market, even if it isn't antique. But keep in mind that the majority of buyers in this area are looking for a good deal.

Antiqus Auctions

If you want to sell a high-end item, consider listing it with a local or national auction house. A well-publicized auction is an excellent way to sell a unique item. If you're concerned that your antique will not sell for its market value, you can always set a reserve price. Remember that you will have to pay a commission to the auction house on the sale like Emirates auction and sothebys

Antique Shows

Many antique dealers choose to participate in a few antique shows each year in addition to their other sales. This strategy allows sellers to network with other dealers while also exposing their company to hundreds or thousands of potential customers. Many inexperienced and new antique dealers get their start at antique shows. Begin small and work your way up.

Antique Malls

Antique dealers can also rent space in antique malls. They may filter different quality items through multiple booths depending on what is selling. Though the internet may provide more exposure, it is best to have multiple avenues for sales if you want to start an antique business.

Pawn Shops

If you are strapped for cash, a pawn shop may be your last resort. In this type of sale, you may be able to reclaim the item in question. For example, heirloom items with sentimental value can be used as loan collateral for a set period of time.

Craft Fairs

Depending on the type of show and the difficulty of gaining entry, many local craft fairs allow vintage and antique sellers to get booths. The advantage of selling antiques at a craft fair is that there will be less competition from other antique dealers. Some small school craft fairs may even have a very affordable setup fee.



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