Sweet Love Romantic Hanging Family Toy

Sweet Love Romantic Hanging Family Toy

Give your home a revived and refreshed look with these beautiful Sweet Love Romantic Hanging Family Toy, crafted from quality polyresin. If you are thinking of to gift for your friends or family member, this modern piece in vintage style would definitely be an awesome and innovative gift. This is a fun decorative piece that is sure to spice up any porch, deck, lawn, or kitchen. Put it on any shelf or table. 

Resin or reinforced fiber family with hanging legs for 4 people, father, mother, and children. Showpiece Family Set of 4 - an ideal gift for your loved ones for any day any occasion. This toy is the perfect item for home decor, and the ideal gift for Anniversary, Birthday, Chocolate Day, Rose Day, or Valentine's Day, Beautiful decorative item for the drawing room and living area.

Product Link: Sweet Love Romantic Hanging Family Toy


  • Style: Home Decor
  • Material: Fiber/Resin
  • Size: 10 cm for big and 6 cm for small


Some places may have a little paint or look grey and old. Some may have distorted wheels or bad soldering. All of these are not a quality problems. They are unique technology for antique style. Do not purchase if you mind it! 

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